Google that shit.

So I just posted that because I’m tired of people who have internet but don’t know how to use it properly.

Seriously, just type it into the search bar, you can type in a key phrase and you’ll get your answer.

If you think it’s dumb, it’s probably answered and just read the damn answers. You don’t even have to post a question and look dumb, someone’s done it for you.

Why I posted this?

Because I requested a volunteer application for a student run event and the girl sent me back a corrupt word doc file. It’s not even docx, just straight up doc. I have 2007 Microsoft Office, so it’s backwards compatible and I have OpenOffice, which can most likely open everything, if it’s formatted correctly. I even forwarded the email to my boyfriend to see if it opens up, NOPE.

My best guess, she tried to do some fancy shit and didn’t turn it into a .pdf so it comes out as gibberish since not many other people have the same font as hers.

I asked if she could send it to me as a pdf since she wouldn’t have to redo the doc, just save as…

But I’m doubting her ability to do that since she wrote this in her reply to the first email.

Hi Kimberly,

Thank you for interested in volunteer for Taste of the Bay 2011. Looking forward to see you there.

It doesn’t even end with her signature block, did she think the computer would read her mind and place it in there? Or did she think that someone else helped her put her signature block in there already?

My boyfriend about the email.

(1:35:53 AM) Me: if i forward you an email can you tell me if it’s gibberish
(1:35:59 AM) Me: i even tried opening it with openoffice and it’s shit
(1:36:16 AM) Boyfriend: OK
(1:37:19 AM) Me: i sent it
(1:39:23 AM) Boyfriend: well you email message is weird
(1:39:39 AM) Boyfriend: thank you for interested in volunteer?
(1:40:16 AM) Boyfriend: who sent you this?
(1:40:18 AM) Boyfriend: horrible
(1:40:30 AM) Boyfriend: email is jacked up, the attachment is jacked up

Yeah, he has a grammar error in this chat too. But he wouldn’t have made that in an email to people, especially if it were this important.

I’m also guessing it’s because the girl was replying to it at 1 AM.

But I have a headache from the lack of decorum.

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